EnerPlex Generatr 1200 & Commandr Solar Generator Kit EN-G1200C20-BLACK

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Generatr 1200 Details: The EnerPlex Generatr™ 1200 is a lightweight and portable 1231Wh large format battery that is ideal for emergencies, camping, and any time you need power for long periods of time. This unit is 60% lighter than similar products, yet holds the same amount of power that will k ...Read more
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Generatr 1200 Details:

The EnerPlex Generatr™ 1200 is a lightweight and portable 1231Wh large format battery that is ideal for emergencies, camping, and any time you need power for long periods of time. This unit is 60% lighter than similar products, yet holds the same amount of power that will keep your phones, tablets, laptops, and even mini fridges powered up for days.

  • 1231 Whrs portable battery
  • USB, 12V, Laptop Port, and integrated AC Inverter Outputs
  • Can charge large scale electronics such as a mini fridge or flat screen TV
  • 60% lighter than similar products
  • Dual Charging Capabilities
  • Recipient of 2015 Red Dot Product Design Award
  • Charges via AC adaptor, or via our Commandr Solar Panels
  • Product Dimensions:16.14" x 11.96" x 11.41"
  • Battery Capacity:1231 Wh
  • Battery Type:Lithium-Ion
  • Power Output:USB, 12V, 19V
  • Recharge By:Solar, 12V, 19V, Standard Wall Outlet
  • Warranty:1 Year

Commandr 20 Details:

Designed with military-grade solar, the EnerPlex Commandr ™ 20 is a rugged, weather resistant solar charger that pumps out a whopping 20 watts of power. The Commandr 20 is an ideal charging source for the EnerPlex Generatr series of devices, and has the ability to charge large consumer electronics such as laptops and other power hungry devices through the use of an EnerPlex Generatr or Regulator (see related products).

  • Made with ultra-rugged and flexible Solar-on-Plastic.
  • 20 watts of power.
  • Ideal charging source for the EnerPlex Generatr series of devices.
  • Able to charge tablets, laptops, and more with an EnerPlex Generatr or Regulator (sold separately).
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 48" x 16" x 0.1"
  • Power: 20W
  • Solar Cell Type: CIGS
  • Output: 20W/19V
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Kit Includes:

  • EnerPlex Generatr 1200 Generator
  • EnerPlex Commandr 20 Solar Panel


Weight: 48 lb
Width: 14 in
Length: 18 in
Height: 14 in
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I'm at four stars for now because I really haven't stressed mine too hard yet. I've had mine about 10 months. At 5 and 10 months the battery was still at over 80% and recharged fully from a wall plug in less than an hour. The unit is considerably lighter than competitor products, which is beneficial if you can't lift heavy weights. One important thing: Do your homework and set expectations if you buy this product or any similar one. There are various TV commercials and ads on prepper sites for generic solar packs that lead you to believe you can run everything in your house during "painful power outages". That is NOT the case with any of these products (nor is the Y1200 advertised to do so, I'll point out). You can not simply plug in your furnace or AC if there is no grid power. For that, you will need a high capacity natgas, propane, or gasoline generator or, in the future, a fuel cell.
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I have a yeti 1250 from a few years back but it was a bit heavy for camping for us so I gave this one a try and it works very well, just like the yeti 1250 but lighter. Definitely glad I found this very easy to transport.
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One word. Awesome. Just came back from a full week camping on the western slopes of Mount Hood in northern Oregon. The Enerplex team was great in helping me figure out how to connect my set of two 100W rigid solar panels (Renogy 2 Piece 100W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Modules, 12V). We were staying in a very heavily treed and shady campground, and we only got a couple of hours of sunlight a day. We had 30 campers staying at the campground and a good portion of the campers were using the Enerplex to charge their mobile devices. In addition to mobile devices, we had DC powered Bose speakers, USB rechargeable lanterns and lights, plus we were running a low quality (25w / 40 lumen) projector at night to project movies onto the side of a cargo trailer.

By the end of the first day, the Enerplex Generatr was down to 80% power. The second day's 2-3 hours of sunlight brought the battery back up to 100%. By the end of the 2nd day we were back down to 80% power. Third day's 2-3 hour sunlight, again, brought the battery pack back up to 100%. When we got to the end of the third day, the battery pack was flickering between 60-80%. Unfortunately, it was overcast on the fourth day. We were only able to get the battery up to a full 80% that day. Overcast skies persisted for the next couple of days. By the end of the fifth day, the battery pack was definitely down to 40%, and the end of the sixth day saw us finishing our camp trip with a 20% charge remaining.

All in all? Very impressive. I look forward to continuing adventures in camping with the benefits of having Enerplex's Genereratr 1200 providing the juice for all our power needs.

Tips: DC powered mattress pumps (Intex Quick-Fill 12v-DC Electric Air Pump, Max. Air Flow 21.2CFM) might trip the Generatr 1200 into standby mode if you plug it into the powered-up Generatr 1200, and then flick the pumps power switch to on. To remedy this: Have teh Generatr 1200 powered off, plug the powered-on pump into the 12vdc socket, and then turn on the Generatr 1200 main power. The pump will start working immediately and will not jolt the Generatr into standby mode.

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